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SOL-BUD Building Company build construction in developer status or "under key".

We build all types of buildings including a lot of kubatorowe objects:

  • in the traditional technology
  • in wood construction
  • industrial halls in steel construction

We specialize in the works:

  • general building
    • warming
    • bricklaying
    • demolition works
    • and other works such as:
      • foundation
      • earth near buildings
      • roofing
      • carpentry
  • finishing
    • a ceiling hanging
    • partitions
    • plaster
    • spray painting
    • laying ceramic tiles and terracotta
    • laying flooring
    • gypsum
    • spout
    • balustrade

We also do fencing, and installation work we like:

  • plumbing and central heating
  • electric
  • low-voltage (TV, Alarm, Internet, Intercom, CCTV)
  • ventilation

For customers designing in only the best architects with years of experience.

Energy efficiency

is the main advantage modern houses which we are building.
Environmentally and energy efficient
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